Escape from Velkynvelve


As the time for sleep approaches (which many of the non-Underdark denizens find out is only discernible from waking life when their internal clocks tell them it’s time for sleep), the prisoners prepare to enact their plan for escape. They gather whatever small items they’ve been able to scavenge and split their group into two separate parties – the lead party designated to clear out threats (which includes the PC’s along with Eldeth Feldrun and Prince Derendil) and the rest of the prisoners bringing up the rear.

The PC’s break free and overcome the drow guards, taking their equipment as they make their way to their personal items in the primary guard tower in one of the large hollowed overhanging stalactites. Under the cover of darkness and the constant flow from the sound of the waterfall, the PC’s attempt to sneak their way out of Velkynvelve.

The prisoners quickly find two obvious options for escape – by making a break for the lift at the other side of the outpost or by jumping over the edge and into the spiderwebs which keep Velkynvelve hidden from the ground level, about 20 feet below. Grall attempts to speak to the giant spiders who hungrily keep watch for victims on their webs. He tries to strike a deal with them, offering the dead drow bodies for safe passage across the webs and to eventually jump into the pool below. The giant spiders offer no promises, but beseech him to come down closer. Grall and the others find their words unconvincing, with Cylchoedd warning that they are untrustworthy, recalling that spiders are close allies to the drow goddess Lolth. The prisoners decide to escape via the lift.

They quickly gather their belongings held in the armory and overcome a few skirmishes before their cover is blown. As they hold off the final group of drow and quaggoth before the lift, Shuushar the Awakened and Anselm send a first group of prisoners down the lift to the ground level below. They realize that taking the lift is too time-consuming now that the rest of the outpost has been alerted to their escape from their cell. As Kosvir and Dukat fight the enemies, Cylchoedd and Grall utilize the metal spikes and silk ropes they gathered from the armory in order to repel down the side of the cliff-face. Anselm follows suit carrying Stool on her back.

As the last of the group prepares to repel, Mistress Ilvara, Pristess Asha, and lead male drow warrior Shoor, run after the prisoners. “Get them!” Mistress Ilvara exclaims wildly, flashing her tentacle wand in their direction. As the drow rush to stop the escapees, suddenly a loud screech echoes through the large cavern, causing everyone to pause to see where it’s coming from. More infernal screaming followed by a disturbing buzzing sound blankets over the commotion of the prisoners’ escape – along the top of the cavern not far from where the outpost is located, a chase and battle ensues with two weird groups of creatures, vulture-like demons clawing at humanoid-fly insectoid aliens. As he repels, Anselm is suddenly reminded of the buzzing that appeared in his dream before his troupe was attacked. As the creatures’ aerial battle takes place, they careen towards the platform where the drow have gathered and crash into them just as Kosvir and Dukat repel down the ledge.

The prisoners gather below, running to exit the cavern before they realize there are three directional passages they can take. The group agrees not to take the north passage which leads directly to Menzoberranzan, which then leaves the west and south passage. More prisoners want to head west, which leads to the Kuo-Toa town of Sloobludop and the Darklake. They decide to head west.


Next time I’ll have bug spray handy so that I have the upper hand in negotiations with spiders.

Escape from Velkynvelve

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