A Deep Gnome with an interest in gambling


A middle-aged Deep Gnome who was a prisoner at Velkynvelve.


While emptying out the chamber pots, Jimjar told Anselm about the gray ooze in the cesspool which attacked a few prisoners a few days earlier when they stayed too close to the water. He suggested that they try to trick Dukat to get the drow guard into the water to get the attention of the ooze. He wagered a bet with Anselm stating that whoever succeeded would give the other their scavenged possessions. During the skirmish, he stayed away from from the fight.

He kept his word and showed Anelm an iron bar which could be used as a club hidden inside the wall of the cell, behind a stone. When Mistress Ilvara demanded the main perpetrator for the fight at the pool, Anselm pushed Jimjar forward, who fervently denied that he was at fault. He was thrown off the ledge to made as an example to the rest of the prisoners, much to the shock and guilt of the others, Anselm in particular.