The Western Passage to Sloobludop, Part 2

Day 2 (continued), 3, 4, 5, and 6


Day 2 (Continued)

After the heroes convince the Chitines of their mockery to Lolth, the proceed on in the lair.
In a particularly tricky section of the passageway, Kosvir misses his footing and slides down into a large circular room littered with debris and bones on the floor, and webs lining the entire ceiling and walls. Before he is able to gather his bearings, a Choldrith, a grotesque spider humanoid, hidden from the webbing above, spins down to greet him. Donning a short sword of Drow make in one hand, it eerily resembles the image of the statue in the Chitines’ Lair earlier. A small group of chitines join her and they immediately pounce Kosvir, and with crude shiv-like knives in hand, they relentlessly stab at him. Luckily, they are able to make short work of the creatures. In the lair, they also find a dead halfling holding a scroll of a contract and a map to the Lost Tomb of Khaem.

Day 3

The escapees make their way to a cave with large glowing crystals all around. They soon find out the area is suffused with the faerzress.

Day 4

The next day they find a fungus cavern and come across several duergar in a zombified state standing among the mushrooms. They remain in a stupefied manner until the PC’s pick through the fungus, which causes the duergar to attack them. After the battle, they find that the insides of the duergar bodies are dry husks filled with fungus.

The group decides to make camp in the fungus cavern after disposing of the duergar bodies. That night, Cylchoedd wakes to whispering from the twins, Topsy and Turvy. The twins warn him that they plan on leaving and to not follow. Cylchoedd confronts them and suddenly they turn into wererats! Not to be undone, Cylchoedd polymorphs into a wererat himself in an attempt to deceive them. It confuses the twins, so they halt from attacking him. The rest of the group awakens just as the twins run away.

Day 5

Continuing on their path to Sloobludop, they meet up with a kuo-toa traders caravan and get their first taste of the odd mannerisms of the weird fish people. Shuushar the Awakened also speaks a little about his people and his village.

Day 6

The next day, the group comes across an enormous chasm. Crisscrossing the chasm are miles of spiderwebs, a maze-like network of webbing. They meet Yuk Yuk and Spiderbait who agree to take the PC’s across the chasm by ‘surfing’ the webs by utilizing grease on their boots. Referencing the contract and map they found earlier to the Lost Tomb of Khaem, they decide to go there first to seek treasure and perhaps complete the contract, while the others cross to the other side. While on the spider webs, they come across a spectator beholder who warns the group that the “Demons are rising in the dark!”.

As they traverse closer to the entrance of the tomb, they find a body wrapped in webbing and hanging suspended in the webs. To their surprise, they realize the body is alive. Much like the escapees, Zin Sunflower found himself lost in the Underdark, and one unfortunate event after another, ended up in the most compromising situation – stuck in a large web hanging over a deep chasm, awaiting his fate as giant spider dinner. After some discussion, the PC’s decide to rescue him and he accompanies them into the tomb of Khaem.


I consider my polymorph a success, thank you very much.


Oops! You’re correct, it was actually a success because they said told you where they were headed. I’ll fix lol.


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